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Our Customers' Opinions

What Our Customers Say

As Sirus Motors, we are proud of the great relationships we have built with our valued customers over the years. We are excited to share feedback from some of our customers and invite you to give us your feedback.

Image by Paul Steuber


I saw them on a discord server on recommendation. I did research about the brand. He really impressed me deeply with his mission and actions. I bought a model 3 logo hoodie to support electric vehicles. These are really great. The product is produced to support recycling. I'm proud.

Elektrikli Arabayı Şarj Etme


When it comes to Sirus Motors, there is always quality ;) A really professional team. They are incredibly friendly and reliable. I hope it catches up with your future efforts. I support with all my heart. I believe they will increase the passion for electric vehicles.



The fact that Sirus Motors is an innovative and future-oriented brand impressed me deeply and put it into practice. In this process, I support Sirus Motors as I support all tesla clubs. Also the alacantara steering upgrade I bought for my car is great. I get more than OEM steering pleasure out of this steering wheel.